Sunday, 10 January 2016

What next for Q1?

As you now know, I had a great start to the year with Hit the Trail 5.

What's next? A bit more mud, I think :)

I've now got the races for the first quarter of the year locked:
  • next up is Lyme Park Nightrun on Jan 23, which I'm expecting to be very similar to Hit the Trail 5 (tough, muddy, watery in places and a bit hilly), except run in the dark!
  • after that is the Huddersfield 10km race on Feb 28, which I'm expecting to be rainy, cold and very hilly (likely to be more than double the climbing of Hit the Trails 5!). It's the first road race of 2016, so not as muddy as the other two (although there could well be snow instead).

I've made a few other changes to the race calendar:
  • added Black Knight Charge, which I found out about from a fellow runner last week - a race around Daisy Nook Country Park, which I'm familiar with from travelling through for many years to get to school
  • swapped Salford 10km for Huddersfield 10km to have a better break between races, even though Hudds is much more difficult (I assume), although I may still have a go at the Salford 10km...
  • I've also decided to no longer consider the Mad Hatter race in May, which looks to cover similar terrain as Hit the Trail 5 and May is already busy with Manchester 10k and Dovestone Diamond.

The new year is still very new, but Horizons has already had £130 of donations - thank you very much to those first few for a great start. There is still a long way to go and I need your help to reach £600 from these three races. The fund raising from this first quarter of races will go to feed school children in Zambia, so please give generously to help that next generation study well.

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  1. Wow, Matt, you certainly know how to set yourself a challenge! There are some interesting race titles and places, too. We hope to be at the LYME PARK NIGHT RUN later in the month...
    Fundraising donations are steadily rising, we received an offline donation today...check it out. HORIZONS TEAM