Sunday, 19 June 2016

A little extra

Oops - looks like I forgot to post last week. Sorry about that. On Monday night I got a cold that came on very quickly and left me coughing and sneezing my way through the rest of the week. It's meant that I've not run since last Saturday's parkrun, so I'm now quite eager to get back on the road, but need to be able to breathe properly first! Hopefully tomorrow...

Something I discovered recently was a website called Running Heroes. I've signed up to see what it's like and a few other Greyhounds have as well. You upload runs to their website and get points in exchange that can be used to get discounts on running related products. They also have a variety of challenges that reward you with a prize draw entry e.g. run at least 20 miles in 1 week to be entered into a draw for new puma trainers. It's early days, so I've not actually won anything or purchased anything yet. There's also been a problem with me getting the referral bonuses from my friends (although they have them), but the support staff have been very friendly and are trying to work on it. Seems like a small team behind the site, so they've got a lot of work on their hands developing it.

Whilst doing that, another runner told me about Bounts, which is another website doing much the same things, but without the competitions. Seems to take a long time to accrue points, but again will see what happens after a few months. They both don't cost anything, so nothing to lose really.

The third thing I've signed up to recently is Run Britain. This appears to be a national home for British running athletes and allows you to track progress via a handicap scoring system. Accredited races (and all park runs) are valid to submit to your profile and it allows you to see your progress, which is interesting to follow. Unsurprisingly Mo Farrah is number 1 in the rankings! It tells me that my handicap after last year's Great Run was 22.4 and that today it is 16.7 - a good improvement over the year. I'm not sure I'll use it for much more than tracking that, but knowing your handicap is still interesting info.

Anyway, that's it for this week. Hope my illness subsides soon so I can get back on the training - only 2.5 weeks to go to the first race of the July Triple...

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