Sunday, 5 June 2016

July Triple

Manchester in the distance, viewed from the top of Saddleworth Moor

Doing two 10k's in one week took more energy than I was expecting. It doesn't seem that far to me, especially as I usually run more than that in training every week. But my calves were aching by the end of the 'double' last week, so I've been gently easing back in to training. I've run more frequently than usual this week, but less distance and less intensity.

That seems to be working and the weather being nice is always a bonus. I did Stamford Parkrun on Saturday and for the first time ever (in my recollection, at least) it was dry - no mud at all! That helped me shave over 30 seconds off my Stamford PB, which is now down to 26m 29s.

Today I had the rare pleasure of being able to run on a Sunday morning. Two Greyhounds and I ran a very tough trail route, eventually climbing up almost 400m to get to the top of the moors. What beautiful views, with not a cloud in the sky over most of the 360 degree panorama, except for some lingering mist in the valley bottom over by Delph. I was worn out by the time I was only half way up, which goes to show how much of the Huddersfield 10k hill training has left me (i.e. most of it).

I need to get that back though, as I've now booked on my next few races. I'm dubbing this the July Triple - three races in one month, each 10 days apart, each involving hills, one race of each terrain type (road, trail, fell)!

We have a late entry to the racing calendar, the Alderman's Ascent, hosted by Saddleworth Rangers A.R.L.F.C. It's a brand new race that takes runners up 400m of climbing to the top of Alderman's Hill, across a bit and back down. A total of 8.5km, but the first half of the race is going to take very much longer than the second half! This is also my very first fell race, so I'm looking forward to getting one of those under my belt.

Ten days after that is the comparatively easy Mossley 10k road race. It's very similar to the course I use for the Zombies, Run! Virtual Race and includes a mere 150m or so of climbing. It starts and finishes at Mossley football club, which means the final kilometre is up hill...

Ten days after that is the Millbrook Monster. Sounds scary. Probably is scary. Almost 300m of climbing in this 10k trail race, then along the hill edges and back down and round. It's popular with the local clubs and there will be a few Greyhounds running all these races, so I'm looking to the camaraderie as a way to offset the hurt!

Ending on a sad note, Little Stoke Parkrun has now permanently closed. Despite valiant attempts to negotiate, the council didn't back down and are enforcing a payment for Parkrun use of the park. Parkrun is free and so this particular run becomes the first to close for this reason. Let's hope it's the last.

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